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  • This training will improve your overall customer service skills, as well as helping you look after people with access needs.  This will have many benefits for your company and your career.

  •  You have a legal duty :Photograph of staff training

It is now part of your legal duty* to anticipate, to a reasonable extent, the needs of all people and understand the access challenges that might face people with disabilities and less-able people in using your services. 

This can be very difficult if it is not something you have experienced or had training in. It is easy to cause unnecessary offence to guests if you lack confidence or feel awkward in talking to or when serving such customers.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s advice is that cases against businesses where guests have been discriminated against and suffered humiliation as a result of inappropriate or inadequate service are likely to be the hardest-hitting.

*The Equality Act 2010 (which replaces the Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005 on the 1st October 2010) requires businesses to be able, to some extent, to anticipate the needs of disabled guests. Getting staff trained is one of the best ways to demonstrate, if you need to, that you have taken all reasonable steps to avoid such situations arising. 

The success of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London has left what will hopefully be a lasting legacy across the country. Here at TFA it is vital that we therefore help to maintain the spirit of inclusion and access that has been left behind. Here are two of videos that show the legacy that the Paralympics is leaving behind and the affect that it has had on the participants:

Paralympic Athletes on the Gloriana

Haiti Dream


These have been developed with the help of people with disabilities and industry professionals from across Europe.  They are a fresh, user friendly and thorough training tool which can be accessed easily either at the workplace, in an office or training site, or at home.   The information can be utilised as a source of reference when needed.

Institute of Hospitality and the British Hospitality Association logosThe programmes are officially endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and the British Hospitality Association.

The programmes take approximately 40minutes each.

Each programme starts with a general course - First Contact with Disabled Customers - and is then followed by a job specific tailored training .

Click for more information on courses As an example, this part of the programme will take a receptionist through how to recognise a guest with a visual impairment, what their key needs are and how to provide high quality service. The programme covers the needs of people of four main disability groups.

Having been taken through both programmes an online test is taken to check the staff's understanding requiring a pass of 70% and a certificate will be presented in the name of the business and Tourism for All.

A business manager can keep track of who on their staff has passed by registering as a Training Administrator (click through to Courses for further information).  It is useful to keep an audit trail of training as it could be useful evidence of taking your responsibilities as an equal rights employer seriously.

Scenic illustration courtesy of One NorthEast


As well as being an E-learning tool, the programmes can be packaged to be used in group training sessions and PDF files can be sold to organisations or individuals. Please email for further information.

NOTE:  We recommend that all businesses produce an Access Statement, which should include the fact that staff have been trained. There is a free tool to help you create an Access Statement -  click on the link here to VisitEngland's access pages.  For advice on preparing for this, or a professional audit, do look at the Business Advice pages of this site. 

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