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About TFA 

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Tourism for All UK is a national charity dedicated to standards of world class tourism which are welcoming to all.

Tourism for All UK contains the knowledge gained over the past 35 years in providing information to the public, especially to people with disabilities, on where their specific access needs can be met so that they can fully participate in travel and leisure. We receive over 400,000 visits, 5m hits to our website and thousands of information requests to our helpline each year. We also champion the cause of accessible tourism with policy-makers in the UK and Europe. In prompting the visitor industry to cater for all needs, TFA has also developed an unrivalled knowledge and expertise to help businesses make changes that are practical and realistic.

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"TFA Is so important for disabled people, it is a vastly under valued resource by central government yet continues to break down barriers to accessible travel, one of the main disabling factors in many peoples lives.  TFA is doing a superb job and I and many others appreciate the leadership and support on issues that are vital to disabled people."

Mark Wilson, TFA Member

"Many thanks, from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't done it without your help.  You made my holiday possible and I'm really, really happy.  I hope all the British are just as kind as you."

Alina Mitrut, TFA Member


(Last Updated: 13-04-2016)