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Access advisory visits and audits

It can appear to be a daunting task to set out on the road to becoming accessible to your visitors, but with some help and advice you should find that there are many things you can do that are simple to implement, and others that can be planned in for future refurbishment or investment. 

At Tourism for All Services, the trading arm of the charity, act as an agent using associates who offer a free advisory service to talk you through some of the options that may be open to you. 

Many people assume that accessibility only refers to wheelchair access, but it is important to establish that our approach is much broader than this, taking into account the needs and requirements of older customers, or those with reduced eyesight or hearing difficulties for example.

The safety of customers is paramount, and your first thought should be towards ensuring they can leave the building or facilities safely in the event of an emergency at the same time as you think about how to get them in.

As well as the built environment, think about the external environment and the surrounding area.

What will you tell people about your facilities, how will you achieve this?

What about disability awareness or equality training for you or your staff?

We can help you identify the right questions and provide the answers.  For over 20 years, we have guided businesses to become more accessible, and have drawn on the questions we have been asked ourselves by many thousands of people with disabilities and their families who have told Tourism for All what they would like to see given the chance.

Tourism for All Services Limited offers unrivalled experience and understanding of both the industry and customers’ needs should you require an advisory visit or a professional audit of your business.

Contact Brian Seaman on 0845 124 9974 / email

Alternatively, the National Register of Access Consultants can provide you with a list of accredited professional Access auditors.

(Last Updated: 13-04-2016)