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We aim to make this web site accessible to as many people as possible and are implementing the UK Government access keys system.

Accesskeys are keyboard shortcuts which allow a user to navigate a web site without using a mouse or other pointing device. This can sometimes be quicker and may assist those with motor skill difficulties.

UK Government standard access keys

0 Access key details (this page)
1 Home page
2 What's new?
9 Contact us

In Internet Explorer 5+
'alt + the access key number' brings focus to the element. If a link, 'enter' will take the user to the linked destination.

In Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 6+
'alt + the access key number' take the user to the linked destination.

If using an Apple Mac
Substitute the 'Ctrl' key for the 'Alt key'.

This web site conforms to the W3C's WAI Accessibility Guidelines, Level C. Pages are valid XHTML 1.1 and valid CSS 2.0, as tested by W3C validation services.

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(Last Updated: 16-05-2008)