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Accessible public toilets

There are thousands of public toilets that are accessible to people with disabilities in particular. Many are accessible by using a special key provided by Disability Rights UK. Though there is a small charge for the key, it is then yours to keep for future visits. Contact:

Other accessible toilets can be found in places such as Tourist Information Centres, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, train and bus stations, ferry piers and many of Britain’s tourist attractions.

When travelling on the motorway system, there are Service Stations, generally about 30-45 minutes’ drive apart. Each one of these has good facilities for travellers with disabilities.

Loo of the Year award: Anyone ‘away from home’ can make a nomination to this national awards scheme which helps encourage provision of high quality toilet facilities.

Further information from:

Loo of the Year Awards on 01962 850277

(Last Updated: 13-04-2016)