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Other Information Sources

Here you can find a list of useful sources of information, advice and services that could be useful in developing accessible facilities at accommodation, attractions and related tourism businesses in the UK.

They may also be helpful when developing accessible facilities abroad.

Access New Business

Access New Business specialises in helping businesses mainstream accessibility into their operations - and to deliver good access, good customer service and good information that can work for everyone. The team provide audits, business plans, training, marketing plans, policy and planning advice and more.

Approved Document M of the Building Regulations

An on-line version of Approved Document M of the Building Regulations 2004 can be found at the following link:

British Standard - BS8300:2009

British Standard - BS8300:2009 (revised and relaunched in March 2009) contains useful guidance that falls outside of Approved Document M of the Building Regulations, and can be obtained from British Standards.

UK law requires all public buildings to be accessible. Access to those with disabilities must be considered when designing new buildings, and when planning improvements to existing buildings. Architects, surveyors, and all those involved in the design and construction of buildings must consider disabled access to buildings. 

The revised BS 8300 explains how built environment can be designed to remove restrictions to disabled users. The standard helps you design an accessible building, so that disabled people can make full use of it.

BT Including You

BT has a long history of providing standard and more specialised products and services that support customers who find communication slightly more difficult.  They understand that everyone has different communication needs and, without making assumptions about capabilities and motivation to use new technology, they try to give as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.  More detailed information can be viewed at The revised website is fully accessible and is compatible with Browsealoud (speech enabling electronic text) and has British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation integrated into the pages.

Disabled Living Foundation

The Disabled Living Foundation is a national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment and mobility products for older and disabled people, their carers and families.

Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

From October 2007, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) brought together the work of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE), Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in one body.

The EHRC has taken on all of the powers of these Commissions as well as having new powers to enforce legislation more effectively and promote equality for all.

The Fieldfare Trust

The Fieldfare Trust works with, not for, disabled people to encourage, promote and facilitate greater understanding, enjoyment and integration in the countryside of those that are disabled or disadvantaged in the pursuit of countryside recreation or environmental education opportunities. They provide training in outdoor access issues, providing landowners, local authorities, environmental & governmental organisations with the information on how to make their facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have produced a series of information leaflets giving information to service providers, such as owners of hotels, restaurants and taxi companies on making their services more accessible for guide dog owners and blind and partially sighted people in general.

You can obtain copies of these leaflets by contacting Gill Kenyon, Information & Support Officer:

Tel: 0845 241 2178    Email:

John Gill Technology Ltd

RNIB has closed their Scientific Research Unit. I have established John Gill Technology Ltd which specialises in the needs of disabled and elderly people, including assistive technology and inclusive design. The company offers a number of services including:

Consultancy on the accessibility of information and communication technology systems including smart cards and biometric systems; lectures on accessibility and other related subjects to University courses; companies interested in making their products accessible; conferences and seminars. Grant applications for UK, EU and other international research projects including: Assistance in preparation; continuing advice or partnership; review of grant applications for funding bodies including evaluation and monitoring.                                                                                                                                                               

Tel: 07590 982732                         Email

One & All Foundation

The One and All Foundation has been developed to ensure that

every individual can fulfil their potential in an open, diverse and dynamic hospitality industry.

It's a fact: Times are changing. Society is changing. The workforce has already changed.

Traditionally our industry has been one in which people are promoted on talent and skill. This should continue. However, to achieve an industry that is a true meritocracy, we also need to recognise that talent comes in many forms. That everyone is different.

We must now embrace these changes and ensure that every individual can fulfil their potential in our industry.                                                                                                                                                                     

Tel: +44 (0) 207 534 0395          Email:


Please note: PAS88:2008 has now been withdrawn. It was originally launched on the 3rd of April 2008, this Publicly Available Specification (PAS) was developed by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), latterly the Equality and Human Rights Commission and VisitEngland in collaboration with The British Standards Institution (BSI).

This PAS was developed to assist hotels in meeting their obligations under the DDA. Click here for more information. 

Rediweld - BusPad - Raised Bus Stop Platforms

BusPad provides a cost effective raised boarding area, enabling wheelchair and other users to have improved access on buses.                                                                                                                                  

RNIB Web Access Consultancy

The RNIB Web Accessibility Consultancy can offer advice and solutions that will help you make your website accessible to the widest possible audience. You'll find lots of free information and advice on their website, or you can get in touch to book an accessibility audit.                                                            

Tel: 020 7391 2178             Email:  

Sign Design Society

The principle organisation promoting good signing and the science of wayfinding in the public environment is the Sign Design Society.  It publishes the 'Sign Design Guide' jointly with RNIB, runs an international sign design competition and holds regular talks, seminars and visits for members, who are professionals and students reflecting design, planning, manufacturing and client interests.   Full information is available at:                                                                                                                                    

Sound Solutions

The Royal National Institute for the Deaf has produced a handy guide to the type of equipment a business needs to be able to meet the requirements of customers with hearing impairments.  Click here  to dowload, or look at  


Visits Unlimited

Visits Unlimited bridges the gap between venues and attractions within the tourist industry and disabled people and their families.  We have years of experience of delivering training with a difference!  We bring our disability awareness training to life and our testimonials from businesses across the country say that our courses to management and staff are insightful, inspirational, fun and informative!  Visits Unlimited was proud to lead the recent Access for All classroom training programme for Visit England.

For more information please contact

Tel 01422 341578 or 07908624549

Visit our website on


Welcome All

Welcome All is a one-day course designed to help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills essential for providing facilities and services that meet the specific needs and expectations of people with disabilities. It also aims to ensure a warm welcome and high standards of service are offered to all customers.  

Website Accessibility

AbilityNet provides a wide range of services to individuals, professionals in the field of disability, employers and the public sector. See also the RNIB Web Access Consultancy above.

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