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Photographs of parked vehicles

Motorists with disabilities can use their Blue Badges to park anywhere in the UK displaying a disabled parking sign. For information on where to find accessible parking you can find an atlas on

Some Central London boroughs, which feature City of London, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea and Camden are regulated differently. They generally issue a special parking permit, which restrict the mobility around the capital.

For overseas visitors, there are no reciprocal arrangements between Britain and the USA, however, most places, with the exception of Central London, will honour the US sticker, providing the car is safely parked. Rules related to disabled Badges are different according to the country you are coming from; therefore we strongly suggest if you are coming from overseas you to check with the authority in your country about relative restrictions or validity.

To hire a car with special features is not particularly easy, and you need to book well in advance.

Essential documents

Before travelling by car to or from the UK, check with the Automobile Association as to what documents you will need. Their Disability Helpline is 0800 262050.

Car Parks at Airports

UK Airports generally have a section of their websites dedicated to meeting the needs of  users and visitors with disabilities and more information regarding accessible parking can usually be found there.


Orlando Tourist Information Bureau have compiled a list of all USA motor vehicles websites regarding parking badges for International drivers.

(Last Updated: 13-04-2016)