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Planning your trip

Visitors to the UKPlanning a trip is often part of the excitement and anticipation of a holiday or visit. For people with special needs, however, it is particularly important given that there is still a long way to go in most places for these needs to be met, and the process often requires a deal more patience.

It is important that you make your needs very clear when booking any service or facility. Your impairment may not be obvious to other people, and its best not to assume that reservations staff will know your needs. We know that many of you have experienced checking, yet, when you arrive, you find that the information was incorrect. TFA is working with the tourist boards to ensure that all businesses have access statements with all the necessary detail to be able to answer your questions - you can ask them for their access statement. If they do not have one, and are unsure how to go about it, suggest they look at this website's business advice section!

(Last Updated: 13-04-2016)